“This machine is incredible! I had no idea how it works but my therapist Sue found my hidden problems, many hospitals said there was nothing wrong with me for two years. I was in pain for a very long time. All hospitals should have this machine. It is a miracle worker.”

“I’m very excited about the Vitalfeld Technology. Within a few minutes, I’m provided with up-to-date information on the functional state of the body, the organs and cells. Global Diagnostics and MitoPlus are extremely helpful in terms of health and vitality and optimally support my diagnostics and therapeutic approach.”

“Global Diagnostics has not only immensely broadened my understanding and my diagnostic concepts, such as comprehensive anamnesis, lifestyle, physical examination, as well as laboratory tests, including allergological immunological evaluation, but also has facilitated the holistic approach to integral interactions.

From my current point of view, this fascinating, informative and regulating diagnostic and therapeutic tool is a highly effective medicine of the future, which I would never want to do without again. For now, with this comprehensive supplementary tool, I’m in a position to perceive and treat the work of art that is the human organism more quickly, more efficiently, and more successfully, in all its facets, and on all levels (cellular, physical, vegetative, hormonal, immunological).”

Report in the Kronenzeitung newspaper in March 2015: Julia charged up: “This also helped me before Sotchi. It’s like inserting a plug and recharging your body.”

“During the treatment I always fall into a deep sleep and afterwards I feel perfectly fit again and regenerated.”

“After regeneration treatments my body feels absolutely great and everything feels back on track. And I’m ready for the competition. After an exhausting competition weekend, I feel that detoxification and metabolism are working perfectly.”