Since the early nineties, Medizintechnik Höller GmbH, headed by Ing. Ralf Höller, has been devoting itself to the efficient use of the latest computer-based high-tech methods in holistic medicine. For twenty years now, we have been the exclusive sales partner for Vitalfeld Technology in Austria.

In addition, we have always put great emphasis on the comprehensive training of our customers, in seminars and workshops, as well as on the development of tailor-made practical concepts. Around 300 customers in Austria alone, and over 2,000 users throughout Europe, already are working successfully with this technology.

Our most important customers are physicians and therapists, and, as a logical consequence, institutes, clinics and sanatoriums aiming to adopt future-oriented and holistic philosophies.

Make use of our years of experience for the successful development of your practice!

The Executive Board

Our passion belongs to the fascinating application possibilities of Vitalfeld Technology. Based on the laws of physics, the analysis and treatment systems serve preventative health care and the improvement of health and well-being. Through our commitment we want to help open up new paths of treatment especially for people with unclear symptoms.

The philosophy we share with our customers is to make a contribution to making people healthier.

We have successfully supported many surgeries in the individual integration of new technologies. Our own share we see above all in the quality of our service.

Confide in our experience and feel free to get in touch with us at any time, so we can provide you with more information on:

  • more autonomy and competence in analysis and treatment
  • the latest discoveries in the field of quantum physics
  • image gain through state-of-the-art treatment methods
  • economic advantages thanks to an excellent cost-benefit ratio

Your Medizintechnik Höller team