Our body is surrounded and permeated by a highly complex biophysical field which can be measured and in the technical jargon is called the Vitalfeld (lit. vital field). The latter constantly interacts with various environmental influences and is responsible for and controls vital biophysical processes as well as complex processes of energy conversion in the body. The Vitalfeld Technology takes these facts into consideration by way of analyses and treatments.

There are thousands and thousands of processes taking place in the cell at once. It is still unclear how the cell manages to coordinate them efficiently. It is very unlikely that the huge amount of data needed for this are transmitted by biochemical means, as these processes are much too slow (few m/sec). Many researchers therefore assume that most of the vital processes in the body are controlled by way of electromagnetic impulses and fields at the speed of light (300,000 km/sec). Thus, biochemical processes are steered by an overriding level of electromagnetic fields and signals, the Vitalfeld.

Illness also means a disrupted Vitalfeld!

During illness, biochemical processes do no work optimally. Due to various causes, blockages might occur. On the other hand, it also happens that certain processes take place too frequently. In all these cases the Vitalfeld is affected as well, which then also shows blockages or has blemishes, so that the biochemical processes are not controlled correctly anymore. The goal of Vitalfeld therapy is to correct these aberrations and in this way normalize the body’s biochemistry.

The Cell

The natural transponder

The cell forms the smallest compact unit inside the organism, with every single cell mastering all metabolic processes, such as breathing, reproduction, the supply and disposal of nutrients, just as perfectly as the body itself does. Illnesses make themselves felt down to the level of cells, which can suffer from nutrient deficiency, degenerative processes, or oxidative stress.

The declared goal of the Vitalfeld Technology is to measure, record and influence positively the current deficiencies and energetic blockages in the body down to the level of the cell.

The treatment of and the communication with the cell takes place via ultra-weak electric and electromagnetic impulses.

The healthy cell forms the basis of a healthy organism!

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Energy Deficit

The deficient bio-household

Physical and mental strength is reflected in one’s energy budget, which is fed via three known main sources: physical exercise, nutrient uptake, and the consumption of natural ambient radiation.

The first two energy sources we are all quite familiar with, but the third is mostly recognized only unconsciously and intuitively. It is very much underestimated, which only too often leads to a negative energy balance. It is also little known that more than two thirds of the energy we need daily derives not from food but from this ambient radiation. Deficiencies occur if the latter, as in winter, is taken in almost exclusively inside buildings instead of outdoors.

In order to counteract such deficiencies the MitoPlus treatment system has been developed.

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Environmental Influences

Our polluted environment

Damaging environmental influences and an unhealthy lifestyle are part and parcel of our present everyday life. Often there are signs of deficiency and the body needs additional energy and vital substances, e.g. vitamins and enzymes, for resistance.

From a certain point in time, not all damaging influences can be resisted anymore. Environmental and other toxins are accumulating inside the organism. Pathogens like viruses or bacteria can multiply much more rapidly and disorder fields will form. Some of the main stressors are:

  • environmental and other toxins
  • radiation and disorder fields
  • allergies and intolerances
  • viruses, bacteria and parasites
  • stress

The Global Diagnostics and DigiCon Pro systems provide precisely measurable results on energetic conditions for an efficient and individual treatment of your patients and provides hints as to which factors in the environment are stressing the organism.

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