We develop pioneering concepts for medical treatment

Have patients become more resistant to treatment?
Laboratory findings and other tests don’t provide sufficient information?
Conventional medical and alternative treatment methods don’t bring the desired results?

An effective analysis begins bio-individually. The Vitalfeld Technology measures the biological system that is the human organism in its individuality and recognizes possible stress factors and energy deficits. Influence/support the healing process positively and lastingly.

Our know-how
rests on three pillars


Discover new and efficient paths to practical concepts of the future. In Medizintechnik Höller you have found a reliable partner.

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Certified medical technology made in Switzerland for particularly future-oriented and innovative customers. Discover the world of the Vitalfeld Technology.

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With individual practical concepts, as well as special training, you will achieve great results and economic success.

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How is Vitalfeld different

The Vitalfeld Technology bridges the gap in healthcare between conventional medicine and the latest insights in the field of quantum physics. Thus, it opens up a new field in medicine and provides a link between the biophysical/energetic and the biochemical/material sphere.

There are thousands and thousands of processes taking place inside the cell. It is still unclear how the cell manages to coordinate them in a meaningful way. It is very unlikely that the myriad of data required is transmitted by biochemical means, as these are much too slow (a few m/sec). Many scientists and quantum physicists therefore assume that most of the vital processes in the body are triggered by electromagnetic impulses and fields, at the speed of light (300,000 km/sec). Biochemical processes, in other words, are controlled by an overriding plane of electromagnetic fields and signals, the Vitalfeld.


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Energy check!
Do you want to know what the result of a Global Diagnostics measurement looks like? We would be happy to come and see you for a measurement, or else you visit us at our premises. For doctors and therapists only.


Whole-Body Screening

The physical measurement with the help of Global Diagnostics can be done very easily, in a mere eight minutes, at the surgery by yourself or by an assistant. The results from two hundred million individual measurements are interpreted, either cursorily or in depth if desired, by the expert in a few minutes. The tool serves as a diagnostic assistant, as it were, and new ideas or insights from the specific measurement help bring light into complex cases and support the expert doing their work.